Rick and Morty Total Rickall Cooperative Board Card Game

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- Material: Cardboard.
- Players: 2-5 players.

- To start the game a number of characters are laid in the center of the table (you will recognize at least a few of these if you’ve seen the episode).
- Underneath these characters place (face down so no one can see it) a hidden identity card. This will determine whether the character is real or a parasite.
- The majority of the players on the board will be parasites BUT some will be your friends and family.
- The goal of the game is to kill the parasites while sparing the real characters!
- Each player is dealt a hand of action cards. One of these cards is played each round.
- If you shoot a character and it is a parasite. Celebrate and discard the card. If, however, it is a family member or friend… commiserate and place the card in the ‘FAIL’ pile – also replace the slain character with an entirely new one.
- Players can all decide whether or not to end the game at any time. If you decide to do this you need to flip the identity cards of all characters in the center of the table.
- If they are all real – everyone wins!
- If there is even 1 parasite. Everyone loses!

- If 4 real characters are shot throughout the game – everyone loses.
- This Rick and Morty board game Total Rickall is based on the episode of the same name.

Package Includes:
1 x Board game.
1 x Instruction manual.

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