Elastic Resistance Bands For Training

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- Material: Latex.
- Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple.
- Gender: Unisex.
- Length: 208 cm/81.88 inch.

- This resistance band is perfect for warming up.
- Really useful for rehabilitation when you need to activate the muscles again without putting pressure on them in order to not risk another injury.
- Versatility, this resistance band can be used in order to train your legs, back, abs, arms, shoulders and chest. Some good examples of excercises you can do are "Banded Good Mornings", "Donkey Kickbacks", "Resistance Band Romanian Deadlifts", "Wall Lateral Pulldown" and "External Shoulder Rotation" and "Plank Row With band".
- Perfect for training at home.
- This resistant band is a cheap option that is the perfect accessory for your workouts!

Package Includes:
1 x Resistant band.




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