Pregnancy sleeping pillow lumbar support to prevent lumbar muscle strain

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- Material: Polyester and buckwheat husk.
- Color: White and Gray.
- Size: 54 x 34 x 6.5 cm/ 21.25 x 13.38 x 2.55 inch. (Width x length x thickness). For further details regarding the size please see the picture).
- Washing Instructions: Can be washed directly, supports hand wash and machine wash.

- Polyester: The Polyester material retains it's shape for continued support, it never goes flat and it offers the right balance of support and comfort.
- Super soft cover: The cover is so soft that it easily takes you to sweet dreams. The outer cover is machine washable, making it easy to clean. Also the durable cover provides breathability and moisture wicking properties.
- Perfect Size: The size allows you to sleep in any position, full support for the back without any gaps to help you reduce pressure at night, prevent strain of lumbar muscles, relieve lumbar pressure.
- Multifunctional: This pillow not only protects the waist, but can also be placed under the calf or below the knee, providing comfort. Also suitable for sleeping on your back, suitable for people with lower back pain and pregnant women.
- Ergonomic Design: Ergonomically designed lumbar support pillow fits comfortably between your waist and provides maximum support at night that gives hip, sciatica and back pain relief, keeps your legs, hip and spine in great alignment while sleeping.

Package Includes:
1 x Pregnancy pillow.

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