Rechargeable Shaver For Men With Several Replaceable Heads

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- Color: Black.
- Gender: Men.
- Size: 11.3 x 6 cm/ 4.44 x 2.36 inch. (Length x width).
- Power: 3W.
- Frequency: 50Hz.
- Input Voltage: AC 220-240V.
- Usage Time: 45 minutes.
- Charging Time: 5 hours.

- This shaver can be used as a toothbrush with the toothbrush head.
- Using the nose trimmer head allows you to easily and comfortably trim your nose hair.
- The combination of the different accessories that are included offers you everything you need for your shaving.
- Waterproof.
- Wireless.
- Rechargeable.
- Floating head for comfort and efficiency.
- Can also be used in order to style your hair.

- Only the included charger can be used.
- The charger includes a base which should not be replaced with another plug.
- If the charger is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one with the original type.
- Do unplug the charger before cleaning the shaver with running water.
- The first charge time of the shaver should be in accordance with the instructions required time (5 hours). If the first charge time is too short, it will cause damage to the battery, and influence the using of your shaver.

Package Includes:
1 x Electric shaver.
1 x Shaver head.
1 x Nose trimmer head.
1 x Hair trimmer head.
4 x Toothbrush heads.
1 x Brush.
1 x Charger stand.
1 x Charging cable.

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